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Understanding the environment in which your business operates is an essential part of marketing planning. There are a whole host of factors to take into consideration.


At the CMA we look at the bigger picture.


We will of course ask you about your business objectives. However we will also consider your marketplace, taking an in-depth tour to identify any factors that could affect your plans: Is your market growing, are you swamped by competitor activity, are you struggling to reach the right audience?


By understanding your business from every angle we will create a robust marketing strategy that delivers measurable results.



Knowing your customer well is vitally important.


To you, and to us.


We will stand in your customers’ shoes. We will take time to understand where your customers hang out and what messages and images they are most likely to respond to. Using the right channels and tools, both online and offline, we will help you communicate more effectively with your marketplace.   


Because you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we will make sure that the right metrics are built-in at every stage.  Whether you outsource activity to us, or deliver marketing in-house, our objective is give you the best possible return on your marketing investment.   


Marketing Audit | Strategy | Research | Planning | Campaigns

The key to a strong marketing strategy is starting with a thorough marketing audit of your current situation and identifying where you want to get to. Some of this will already be detailed in your business plan.


Marketing Audit Outline and Example Costings


Ultimately, a marketing audit can be undertaken by anyone, however, misinterpreting the results can be commercially detrimental to your business.


With our track record of helping companies develop their marketing, we are well placed to provide you with an audit you can rely on and make sound business decisions with.


Please note, a marketing audit is a bespoke service. The below outlines a typical process:


    • Audit scope – Identifying your needs, the resources available and the size of the overall task.
    • Marketing audit – Undertaking the audit itself; and assuming all the information required is available.
    • Audit evaluation – Taking the results of the audit and comparing them to relevant benchmarks and industry data.
    • Report – We compile a report for you outlining all the findings, issues and recommendations, written in plain English, with easy to follow steps, quantified where applicable and possible.
    • Presentation – To ensure that you understand the report, and the issues and findings outlined in it, this is a valuable part of the reporting process.
    • Implementation – If you require us to assist you in implementing the findings, we are able to offer these services to you. This will involve a separate pricing structure.


The average cost of an audit, based on the example outlined above (excluding implementation) is between £2,500 – £3,500 depending on the size of the overall project.

“Michelle has great ideas and thoroughly understands our business in order to help steer us in the right direction. I highly recommend Michelle and her team!”

Marketing Strategy & Planning; The tools to grow your business


Our experienced Marketing Strategy & Planning Consultants will help create a detailed marketing plan tailored to your business and goals, determine your business’s marketing message, and identify the appropriate integrated marketing mix to get your message in front of your preferred buyers.


Your marketing strategy should be split into two sections; acquisition and retention.


Your acquisition strategy centre around lead generation. Creating customer journeys and touchpoints that will resonate with your target audience, where they hang out and with messages that will build trust and generate leads.


Your retention strategy centres around how to keep your most valuable and profitable customers, whilst your customers your market and your competitors are constantly pushing forward.


Marketing consultants at The Creative Marketing Agency are passionate, results-orientated and experienced in numerous industries. All consultants have been trained by the CIM are constantly being upskilled with the latest in marketing technologies and communication strategies so you can relax; you’re in safe hands.


Improve your marketing so you gain & retain more clients.


Marketing-led graphic design to resonate with your target audience.


Get your team up to speed with the latest tools and techniques.


Find out where your marketing can be improved!

By creating targeted marketing communications that resonate with your target audience you will achieve better quality leads with a higher conversion rate.

“Michelle created a cohesive campaign with online and offline advertising that generated the numbers we were hoping for. Enquiries and leads increased by 60% which could then be followed up and converted at 82%.”

All marketing communications have to have a purpose. An intelligent journey with clear calls to action to ensure you stand out and maximise your responses.

Go on, be the pink grapefruit!

Would you like to see how your marketing could be improved?

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